Ras Gamila projects


Al Montazah Travel & Investment offers its customers a unique experience in Sharm El Sheikh. We are committed to providing an opportunity to build a 5-star hotel offering world-class rooms, apartments and services at the highest international standards. The project not only depends on the fantastic location but also a wonderful experience in itself which we guarantee will be hard to forget.

We would like to share with our investors a list of facilities and services to ensure the best possible for our guests.



Located on an area of 800,000 square meters of potential, 750 meters from a beautiful and wonderful beach, ideal for all kinds of marine adventures such as kite surfing and diving. The land is famous for its 35-meter decline from the main road leading to the beach, making it an ideal view of the Sinai Mountains and the Red Sea from each location.

Services available


Phase I and Phase II infrastructure work was carried out by the Company in order to provide networks to further revitalize the project. The completed networks are: road network, electricity network, water network, sewage network, irrigation water network, telephone network and lighting network. In order to achieve this, the company has established three major projects through its specialized companies which are as follows: